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 "The trio's three group improvisations stand out with potent interplay, with the first sounding as if it could be used as a film soundtrack. Ake composed six selection, including the haunting ballad "The Dark," blending Epstein's soprano and Engstrom's trumpet in shining ensembles, as well as showcasing them individually, backing them with sparse chords. "Time Falls (Like Snow)" is also a somber, bittersweet affair, while the playful "Birthday Boy" bounds with seemingly endless energy. The trio also interprets two gems by Duke Ellington. The elegant "African Flower" (premiered on the famous Money Jungle album with Max Roach and Charles Mingus) features muted trumpet and also sax, retaining the delicate air of the original while taking it into new territory, giving it a bit of a darker flavor. "Heaven" is one of the less frequently played Ellington Works, but not for its lack of beauty; the trio's heartfelt arrangement shimmers."

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